A Shrine to my Fictional Husband

He's so beautiful and I love him with my whole heart. It's "I'd trade my left leg for him to be real" levels of love. Even if sometimes my affections seem to wane, they're always lying there dormant and waiting for me to remember just how much I love him again.

And just like that, the honeymoon waxes again.


There are lots of reasons that I love him. The most obvious one is that he's beautiful. Sometimes they draw him a bit oddly, but the shots that show off his beauty are more than enough to make up for them. I want part of this shrine to be dedicated to my favorite pictures. The pictures that make me breath a little sharper and that make me wish I could run my fingers through that silky black hair while staring into his blue eyes.

And while we're here, I'll also list some fun facts and some of the other many, many reasons that I'm in love with him.

music: hozier - cherry wine - cover (fingerstyle guitar) by kaylene chong

i know what this song is about, but i chose it as bgm for the sad and beautiful melody