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G1 (1982 - 1996)

G1 Minty


Minty was one of my favorite G3 ponies as a kid, so I'd love to have an original Minty.

G1 Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is just so cute! She shares her name with another of my G3 favorites, but I also fell in love with her backcard stories about getting into big trouble because of her even bigger appetite!

G1 Peachy


I love Peachy's sweet personality. And peaches are my favorite fruit!

G1 Glory


Not only is Glory beautiful, but she's also Moondancer's wife. Well, at least she is as this one porcelain statue. Canon enough for me.

G1 Moonstone


Moonstones are my favorite gemstone. 'Nuf said.

G1 Starshine


Her name reminds my of the Sera Myu song Ai no Starshine (Starshine of Love). So every time I see her, I get that song stuck in my head.

G1 Majesty


She's so regal! In the comics she also always seems so cool! Also, FiM's Celestia is based on her, but Celestia's toys all look kind of weird, so Majesty is the next best (better?) thing!

G1 Ember purple version

Ember (Purple)

I wish they'd made the baby ponies look more like the movie versions, 'cause their knobbly knees are what foals are supposed to look like! But she's cute and she likes the Rainbow Ponies and I like the Rainbow Ponies, so there's that, too.

G1 Heart Throb

Heart Throb

She looks like if Pinkie Pie was a G1

G1 Surprise


She is if Pinkie Pie was a G1

G1 Confetti


Her name is the same as an OC I had from something. Said OC was bride themed and Confetti had a bride outfit in one release. It's destiny!

G1 Starflower Starflower
G1 Baby Cotton Candy

Baby Cotton Candy

She's like regular Cotton Candy! But tiny!

G1 Baby Glory

Baby Glory

She looks like she and Baby Moondancer could be sisters. Because, you know, their moms are married.

G1 Baby Moondancer

Baby Moondancer

See Baby Glory above.

G1 Baby Surprise Baby Surprise
G1 Cupcake


Another case of being the namesake of another pony I love.

G1 Gingerbread


She's named after my favorite kind of cookie

G1 Best Wishes

Best Wishes

I love the aesthetic of birthdays and the concept of wishes, so I've gotta love her!

G1 Dancing Butterflies

Dancing Butterflies

Just look at her! She's gorgeous! She looks like she's from a fairytale.

G1 Milky Way Milky Way
G1 Sugarberry Sugarberry
G1 Princess Royal Blue

Princess Royal Blue

I love the moon and the color blue.

G1 Princess Serena

Princess Serena

I love Sailor Moon. I think you can figure out the rest from there ;)

G1 Princess Tiffany

Princess Tiffany

She looks just like a diamond! But for some reason, her European name is "Princess Pearl." But that's okay, because I like pearls even more.

G1 Fifi the Twice as Fancy pony Fifi (TaF)
G1 Gypsy


Problematic name aside, I think it's very cool that she's a fortune teller. Plus, she reminds me of a certain song from a certain FiM abridged series that is insanely catchy that I used to listen to on repeat. It's engrained in my fandom experience. Also FRECKLES!

G1 Flower Bouquet Flower Bouquet
G1 Star Dancer Star Dancer
G1 Li'l Cupcake

Li'l Cupcake

I assume she's Cupcake's baby.

G1 Li'l Sweetcake

Li'l Sweetcake

I'm not gonna seperate her from her twin.

G1 Raincurl Raincurl
G1 Bright Night Bright Night
G1 Baby Dancing Butterflies

Baby Dancing Butterflies

I'm never going to find any of the TaF babies for cheap, but she's the baby of my favorite TaF, so I'll keep an eye out anyway.

G1 Baby Milky Way

Baby Milky Way

See Baby Dancing Butterflies above.

G1 Clover


This is a pipe dream at best. There's no way I'm spending that much on a pony, but I'd love to magically find her at a garage sale.

G1 Starlight


See Clover above.

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