Welcome to the living room! You can control the audio here by hovering over the fireplace and record player

I plan to put a guestbook here sometime, but first I plan to get some other projects out of the way. So, unfortunately this page is going to be a little empty.

But luckily, the guestbook isn't the only purpose to this room! You can relax by the fire here, too! And, as you might have noticed, this is also where I'm putting my site's credits. Yup, that's right! If there's anything that you see that you like on this site, you can come right here and see where I found it.

Of course, I'm not perfect and some of these resources are insanely old. So old that it's hard (or even impossible) to find a definitive source for where they originated. If you have any information on anything that's improperly credited (or just anything that I forgot to source), please reach out to me!

Also, any of the resources that I made, you can feel free to use. There's not a whole lot, but anything that helps you out, you're free to take. I'd prefer if you don't take credit for them, but I don't care what you do with them. I can't speak for the other resources, though, so please read their rules before using their assets.


Favicon: Fantasy Flash

Background: GifCities by the Internet Archive, originally found at www.geocities.com/siriuseric/HOROSCOPE.html

Music: Sailor Moon: DiC English Edited Opening Theme Song - Perfect Instrumental by ThomasFan1995, originally created by Bob Summers and based off of Moonlight Densetsu by Dali

Sparkles: GifCities by the Internet Archive, originally found at www.geocities.com/dongquang/aotrang.html

Logo: Cool Text's Chromium Text Generator, using font Shardee

Silver Millennium gif: Originally found in Sailor Moon for Sega Genesis, captured and turned into a gif by yours truly

Pikachu Under Construction gif: GifCities by the Internet Archive, originally found at www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Office/5001/marketingtechnology

Cursor: Cursor.cc

Sparkle cursor script: RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects


Background: Geocities Archive via ooCities, found on Jen's Twisted Reality (found on page 2)

Chandelier gifs: GifCities by the Internet Archive, originally found at geocities.com/helmutlottidelight

Logo: Cool Text's Liquid Gold Text Generator, using font Caslon Initials


Background: FoolLovers's Arabesque/"Other 12" background

Music: Earthbound - Home Sweet Home [Remake] by Juke Remix

Sound effects: "Fire in fireplace" by angelopirellas found on FreeSound

Logo: Pixel art by me, based on cross stitch pattern "Flowers and Vine Border" by Terra Luna Stitchery found on Cyberstitchers.com and Carrie Luhmann Pieniozek’s "Alphabet 6" design found on freepatternsonline.com

Fireplace gif: "brick fireplace" by tararoyal on Glitter-Graphics.com

Chair graphic: photo of John Lewis & Partners Claverdon Armchair, edited by me to look like a retro graphic

Phonograph gif: GifCities by the Internet Archive, originally found at http://geocities.com/cogicpraiseandworship/Broadcast.html and made transparent by me

Dividers: FoolLovers's "LINE-22-A" divider in red


Background: Textures.com's "AsphaltCloseups0127"

Chalk header: photo source unknown, but found in its orginal form at Abstract Art Pictures Collection, edited by me

Font: East Sea Dokdo by YoonDesign Inc

Chalk drawings: Drawn by me


Background: found on pixel-background-blog

Logo: ripped straight from Hasbro's official website

Starcatcher navigation gifs: original from vibrantgutz, modified by me


Backgrounds and patterns: all ripped from MonsterHigh.com via the WayBack Machine. Plaid modified by me to fit screen. Stripes tiled by me.

Monster High cast graphic: The Ghoulfriends From Monster High [HQ] by FigyaLova on DeviantArt.

Buttons: ripped from MonsterHigh.com via the WayBack Machine.

Font on buttons: Banhart Black by Eric Wiryanata.


Background: senpaikantuten from Imgur, modified into tiles by me

Music: Cherry Wine fingerstyle guitar cover by Kaylene Chong, originally by Hozier

Dividers: GifCities by the Internet Archive, originally found at geocities.com/skyla36531

Lace decorations: FoolLovers's "Frill 18" background and "T-Frame 21" in black, slightly edited by me to better suit my code

Zipper border: drawn by me



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