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Welcome to the Playground!

This part of the site is all about childhood entertainment that isn't digital. It's all about dolls and plushies and other toys! Whether it's Ever After High dolls or the original Care Bears, this is the right page for toy and game related nostalgia.

Of course, if none of that's up your alley, maybe you'd like to go inside and check out the arcade?

I collect old toys (more specifically dolls and plushies) and am passionate about trying to fix them. It's my dream to someday be able to open my own small business as a toy hospital/salon. It's something that combines my caring side with my deep nostalgia, which is why I get satisfaction out of it. I could never be a doctor or vet because I'm too squemish and too nervous about hurting someone (which would probably send me into a panic attack and cause someone to actually get hurt), but dolls are different. Sometimes you have to clean nasty gunk out of them, but it's not the same as having to cut a person open. A doll can't feel pain. But that's just a personal anecdote. I'm sure you want me to get on with the webpage, so...

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